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Need a New Irrigation System Installation?

Aqua Pro Lawn Sprinkler Systems specializes in designing, installing and maintaining water-saving irrigation systems that protect your landscape investment.

For a new installation, Aqua Pro Sprinkler Systems will send out a representative to your property, to meet with you and go over your watering needs, and show you how we can help.

During our visit, we will be checking out the available water source that would be used in the design of the system, checking water pressure, flow rates, and talking about the position of the backflow prevention device. Some cities require a second meter installed for irrigation, this will in turn, save you from paying sewer charges on the water used for irrigation. For some, the irrigation system may use lake water, pond water or reclaimed water, all of these are great things to consider, and save on city water costs. Sometimes homeowners have options they don’t even know they have. Over the years Aqua Pro Sprinklers has come up with many great ideas that saved homeowners thousands.

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The design of the system is the most important part of everything we do. This is where we look at how your lawn is sloped, the way the sun dries it out, shady areas, and high traffic areas. Plant material around your home also needs water at different rates then your turf areas. Some areas that need much more water may include annual flower beds, vegetable gardens and new trees etc. Water features can also be run from the sprinkler system. Waterfalls and fountains need to have water refilled as they evaporate daily. Aqua Pro Sprinklers will include in the plan, all the ideas and information for the most efficient sprinkler system available today.

Our systems are designed to be efficient for reduced water use. Plus their quality design and
installation cost less to maintain over the life of the system.

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