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009 RPZ009 RPZBackflow & RPZ Testing Service

Backflow valves must be inspected annually to ensure proper operation and to keep your property in compliance with the local code. The State of Minnesota requires annual backflow testing to insure your safety by protecting drinking water from harmful toxins.

Backflow is one of the most dangerous plumbing issues that your home or business could succumb to. When it gets severe enough you could find that waste water and sewage water can enter your home or business. This can not only be unsanitary, but it can also damage your plumbing as a whole.

Aqua Pro Backflow Testing

What is backflow? Backflow is most commonly defined as an unwanted reversal in the flow of water into a system. It can allow non-potable water to come into contact with drinking water, rendering the entire supply unusable because of health risks.

How can backflow affect your home or business? Backflow can lead to contaminated drinking water within your home or business. This means that all water coming from any faucet, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or shower, will be unsafe to consume. You will also be unable to wash dishes or cook with the water.

Why is backflow testing important? Backflow testing is essential for homes and businesses. When there is risk of the water supply being contaminated, steps must be taken to ensure that it is safe and protected. Herbicides and other chemicals can enter into drinking water as well as serious waste contaminants.

Quality Service. AQUA PRO’s certified backflow technicians can perform annual backflow testing of all types of prevention devices. Our technicians will handle all necessary paperwork relating to your annual inspection, then we will remind you when your next annual backflow test is due so your property remains in good standing with the local water authority. (Applicable filing fees that your city may charge are additional).

Schedule your backflow test today and rely on Aqua Pro to help keep your water safe.

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