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Introducing TurfMaster – Your Key to Lawn Perfection!

Formulated by our seasoned industry expert with over 40 years of fertilizer programming experience, this full service fertilizer and weed control membership promises nothing short of excellence for your lawn care needs. Say goodbye to lackluster lawns and hello to envy-inducing greenery with our comprehensive program designed to transform your yard into a lush, vibrant masterpiece.

3 Rounds for a total of 8 Applications

🌱 Transform Your Lawn:

  • Experience the richness of a dark green hue that sets your lawn apart from the rest. Bid farewell to crabgrass and unwanted weeds as our specialized program keeps your lawn weed-free all season long.

🌱 Seasonal Excellence:

  • Round 1 (Mid-April): We apply our Industry Experts 120-Day (4 Month) formula of Controlled-Release Fertilizer & Crabgrass Preventor, ensuring your lawn receives the ultimate nourishment and protection.
  • Round 2(Early May): A full perimeter weed spray designed to keep the weeds from drifting in. Plus, a full yard spot spray for any visible weeds. And finally, a whole yard blanket cover of weed control, this is the best way to maintain a pristine landscape.
  • Round 3(Mid-August): Our Final Round which prepares your lawn for the changing seasons, we apply a 60 Day Fall Fertilizer + Winter Disease Protection, and finally another full yard spot spray for weeds, safeguarding against winter ailments and emerging weeds.

✨ Achieve the Lawn of Your Dreams: Sign-Up for TurfMaster as well as our GrowPro Program to see a huge change in your lawns color and thickness.

A beautiful lawn is a lawn fertilized by Aqua Pro!

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