Preferred Customer Maintenance Programs

Our customers love the Aqua Pro Preferred Customer Maintenance Programs. Choose from the Basic or Deluxe Program.

The fact is your sprinkler system usually runs when you are busy doing other things. So problems or damage go undetected. A lot of water and money may be wasted. Expensive landscape can be damaged with over or under watering. Our preferred customer program will give you peace of mind and will protect your valuable investment.

Have you already received your email or card from us, or already know your price? If so…


Why Sign Up?

  • Every system needs maintenance, Start up/Winterization and the occasional head/valve replacement
  • Preferred scheduling…earliest start ups & latest winterization dates
  • No hassles. Our office will pre-schedule your start up & winterization dates & send you a notice in the mail or e-mail.

With Aqua Pro’s packaged maintenance programs, your sprinkler system will be professionally and properly maintained and monitored year after year. You can choose from one of the three
packages below
, which are all designed to extend the life of your sprinkler
system while reducing your water usage.

What’s in it for me?

  • BIG SUMMER SAVINGS. Discounts off our regular labor rate & all materials for any service related work, such as head & valve replacement, repairing leaks, etc. (does not apply to fertilizer programs)
  • Our discounts, pricing structure and superior benefits makes us competitive and valuable.

We offer 3 levels of service to choose from. Here is what is included

Basic Program

  • Spring start-up
  • Fall winterization
  • 5% off parts
  • 5% off labor

Deluxe Program

  • Spring start-up
  • Fall winterization
  • 10% off parts
  • 10% off labor
  • 1 mid-season check up

Who signs up?

People who want no hassles, no headaches & professional timely service at a significant savings.

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