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New Sprinkler Installation Terms & Conditions


Aqua Pro Sprinklers offers a limited warranty that includes; Lifetime warranty on polyethylene pipe, 4-year warranty on parts + labor on full system, 2-year warranty on all other products installed, including lake pumps. This warranty is limited and does not include acts of nature such as freeze damage, lightning strikes, root growth, settling, wind, etc. This warranty also excludes damages or defects caused by unreasonable use, misuse or damage by customer or third-parties, water pressure fluctuation or concerns, or failure to properly maintain (and keep in good repair) the system. The sprinkler system is designed to provide water to turf areas only, unless specifically detailed on this agreement. Customer acknowledges that water can cause damage to structures, settling, subsidence and the like (and that grade, slope or the condition of the ground can allow water to penetrate a structure); and customer agrees that Aqua Pro Sprinklers does not warrant and is not financially responsible for any damage caused by the sprinkler system or water the sprinkler system adds to Customer’s property. Under no circumstances will Aqua Pro Sprinkler be liable for property damage, economic loss or consequential damages sustained in connection with the sprinkler system. Customer agrees to hold Aqua Pro Sprinklers harmless in the event of any such damage. Customer further acknowledges that protrusions from structures designed for exterior weather may encounter spray as a result of planned turf coverage. These items and their associated components are not subject to any applicable sprinkler system warranty, or liability. If installed & maintained according to proper building codes, such items are designed to withstand external conditions. Aqua Pro Sprinklers will determine all warrantable applications. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description herein. All warranties begin on the first day of installation, expiring within the terms listed. Warranties are extended to the original signer of this estimate, and are non-transferable.


Terms of this offer may be withdrawn, if not accepted within 30 days. In the event you withdraw from the contract, you will be charged a minimum of $250.00 plus all other applicable fees (permits and plumbing). A service charge of $50.00 will be added for returned checks. Signature acknowledges contract to install product as described herein and responsibility to pay for installation within 30 days of completion. Failure to satisfy invoice will result in additional fees for collection efforts, return check charges or property liens as necessary to obtain reimbursement for services. You will be sent a detailed invoice after completion of the sprinkler system. We accept all form of credit cards, ACH and Check payments. A 3% processing fee will be added if balance is paid by credit card.


It should be understood that available water pressure can have significant impact to sprinkler system performance and longevity. Aqua Pro Sprinklers cannot guarantee effective system operation if static pressure is below 60 PSI. Likewise, too much pressure exert excessive force on pipes and couplings that may result in the failure of these joints. Aqua Pro Sprinklers views static pressures over 100 PSI as a legitimate concern as noted herein. If PSI drops more than 20lbs, than what is shown on your contract, Aqua Pro Sprinklers. cannot guarantee coverage and proper operation. In authorizing this agreement, customer acknowledges pressure requirements.


We have included plumbing in the price of your installation. If you are interested in using your own plumber, please contact Aqua Pro Sprinklers at 952-955-3718 for an updated price and estimate contract. Please note: in some circumstance the price may not change should you choose to use your own plumber. Aqua Pro Sprinklers subcontracts with a local plumber, who will reach out to schedule an appointment to have your plumbing installed.


Aqua Pro Sprinkler will contact all major utilities. Aqua Pro Sprinklers is not responsible for unmarked dog fences, unmarked gas grill lines, outdoor lighting lines, pool lines and other lines that may be underground, including drain tile. It is highly recommended that the homeowner marks all private utilities prior to installation. Aqua Pro Sprinklers will also not be responsible for any utilities that are less than 8 inches underground, or which are unmarked. Animals cannot be left outdoors during the time of locate and installation. Dog waste must be removed prior to the system being installed. If the yard is not picked up, there will be an additional $75.00 charge. Locates are called in a minimum of 48 hours prior to your installation date.


It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to clearly mark the property lines with wooden stakes to mark all boundaries. Aqua Pro Sprinklers is not responsible nor liable for installing per property lines designated by homeowner, nor for any boundary disputes, and shall merely follow the property lines as designated by homeowner. If fence posts are not up before installation, homeowner is responsible for any sprinkler lines/pipes which are struck or damaged when installing fence posts, etc. after installation begins.

Estimate valid for 30 days from date of Estimate. By signing the estimate, you also acknowledge that you have read this
document in full, and agree to terms listed above.

Install Terms And Conditions
Install Terms And Conditions
Install Terms And Conditions
Install Terms And Conditions
Install Terms And Conditions
Install Terms And Conditions
Install Terms And Conditions
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