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What will WINTER do to your sprinklers?

To survive the wicked chill of winter, your sprinkler system needs to be professionally “winterized” – winterization is the only way to ensure that your valuable investment will be ready to perform next spring without any costly need for repairs.

If winterization is not properly performed you will be at risk of severe damage to your sprinkler system; remaining water can freeze, expand and crack pipes, valves and heads. Freezing water in the backflow assembly will damage the internal components and could possibly crack the brass body and ball valves.

Here is a list of items our technicians perform at winterization:

  • Shut off and tag water supply
  • Drain supply line back into basement- If access is permitted-
  • Drain exterior water supply
  • “Blow-Out” water using compressed air
  • Shut down system controller
  • Tag controller, indicating date of service

The Aqua Pro winterization guarantee warranties system from freeze damage from the backflow prevention device on.

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Draining Instructions
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