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Mid-Season Checkup

What is included?

  • Thorough walk through of the entire property, looking for any problem areas.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to sprinkler heads for proper coverage and distribution.
  • Check controller for correct time, date and programming. Make any adjustments for current weather conditions and watering restrictions.
  • Test rain sensor or weather station for proper operation.
  • Check for any leaks in the system.

Repairs are made on a time and materials basis.

Why add a Mid-Season Checkup?

System components last much longer with professional care.

A professionally tuned system will save you money, water and time by improving the overall efficiency and performance of your system.

Lake Pump Systems – Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels have infested metro area lakes over the past years. They can also infest your lake pump intake, sprinkler lines, heads and valves! During your Mid-Season Checkup our technicians will check your pump intake basket and replace any clogged or damaged filter media.

Zebra Mussels Growing On a Lake Pump Intake Basket

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*Deluxe Memberships will automatically be scheduled for a Mid-Season Checkup – usually completed in July

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