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DIY 4-Step Fertilizer – MAX Lawn

Re-Introducing our 4-Step DIY Fertilizer – the ultimate solution for a lush, green lawn without the price tag!

With just one delivery per year, we provide you with four steps of fertilizer, each perfectly timed for each season. Designed to nourish your lawn, promoting healthy growth and vibrant color year-round.

But that’s not all – we don’t just stop at delivery. Our membership comes with e-mail reminders, ensuring you know exactly when to apply each step for optimal results. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a lawn you can be proud of!

With DIY Fertilizer, you’re in control of your lawn’s health and beauty. Join today and take the first step towards a greener, healthier outdoor space!

And YES, we deliver for FREE and our prices are 50% – 80% LESS than the Big Box Stores!

*Based on your yards square footage, we will deliver bags in 5k Sq.Ft. Increments.

* Fertilizer will be delivered something in the spring before the first application is due!

Maximize Your Lawn – Click Here For A Complete DIY Guide


Having a beautiful healthy lawn has never been easier. As your local lawn expert, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best products and services to make this dream a reality.


On any regular sized lawn, our 4-Step DIY is HALF the price of what you would pay at the BIG BOX STORES. On a Large Lawn, the price difference is even greater! If you want to save money and get a great looking lawn, sign-up with us today!

Free Delivery

We offer the best Do-It-Yourself fertilizer program on the market, and it is delivered directly to your door; FOR FREE. Why drive to the Big Box stores? No driving, no waiting in line.

Step 1 – Crabgrass Preventer

Applied in early spring, this not only provides season-long crabgrass control but also contains slow-release nitrogen and iron for extended feeding and deeper green lawn.

Step 2 – Weed & Feed

Control pesky dandelions, thistle, clover, and over 150 other weeds while improving color, density, and uniformity to your lawn with this step applied in late spring to early summer.

Step 3 – Lawn Food

Applied anytime in the growing season, this blend provides a full feeding of fertilizer promoting stronger turf for increased resistance to disease and drought stress.

Step 4 – Fall Lawn Food & Winterizer

Help your lawn recover from summer and prepare for winter dormancy with this targeted application applied in late summer to early fall. 

SAVE your time, money and gas. Let us deliver it to you…for FREE

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