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Is your Sprinkler System ready for Spring?

Spring Startup Service consists of starting up and checking complete sprinkler system operation. Here is a list of items our technicians perform at spring start-up:

  • Turn on water and check for leaks in copper and throughout the system
  • Turn on controller, check battery and insure that all mechanisms are functioning properly
  • Set controller to seasonal specifications & watering restrictions
  • Verify programming of SMART controller Check rainsensor or weather station for proper operation
  • Check all sprinkler heads for proper rotation and adjust as needed for proper water distribution
  • Check all valves for leaks or improper function.
  • Unplug/clean nozzles
  • Check for obstructed heads
  • Fill FertilEarth or EZ-Flo if equipped (cost of fertilizer is additional)
  • Test HosEnclose if equipped
  • Test remote control if equipped

Contact Aqua Pro today to schedule your Spring-Start-up ยป

Having the experienced professionals at Aqua Pro Sprinklers start-up your system in the spring will save you time, water and money.

It is the best way to be sure your components are in top shape. We will spot little problems and correct them before they become big (and costly) ones.

This video was created to help our customers and others turn the irrigation water on for spring startup. Hopefully this will help you avoid making any mistakes and prevent water from leaking out of the exterior plumbing on your home.

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