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Residential Plowing Terms and Conditions

Minimum Accumulation

After a minimum of 2” of snowfall we will remove agreed areas beginning as soon as possible after snow has fallen. (Delayed times on plowing may be in affect on Christmas Eve/Day or New Year’s Eve.) In case of a severe storm (10 inches or more) we will remove snow as quickly as possible while maintaining the safety of our operators. There will be an additional $10 removal charge after 6” of snow has fallen.

Large Snow Event

During a heavy continuous snowstorm, we will remove the snow on one occasion and again during the end of the storm. Each visit to the property to clear snow is a chargeable visit as this will require more time to complete our route.

Boundary Marking

Homeowner agrees we will have no obstacles in the area to be plowed as Aqua Pro’s Snow Division is not liable for any damages to any of the property. To prevent conflict, homeowner is responsible for staking the edge of driveway with three-foot-tall boundary markers or flags placed every 10-15 feet.

Hold Harmless Agreement

Aqua Pro’s Snow Division is not responsible for any homeowner injuries that occurs during any winter weather conditions on their property including slip and fall accidents. Plowing may not clear to bare pavement and slippery conditions may prevail even after plowing.

Service Cancellation

Either Party may cancel this agreement at any time with a ten-day advanced notice. Homeowner agrees there will be no refunds issued for unused time or services set forth by this agreement. If Aqua Pro’s Snow Division arrives and the snow has already been removed, a trip fee of $25 will apply.

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