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Saving You Time, Water & Money

Reduce your water bill 20-50% by upgrading to improve the overall efficiency and performance of your system with the latest irrigation technology, promoting the intelligent use of water.

AQUA PRO is dedicated to helping you find new and better ways to maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape while promoting efficient water use. We invested in additional training to learn how to control water waste. We are able to implement new products that apply the exact amount of water needed to irrigate your landscape thus saving you the money you lose from excessive watering.

Simple changes to your system can result in a quick return on investment.

Ask us how we can improve your system TODAY!

Don’t let your money go down the drain!
Smart Irrigation Technology pays for itself.

By upgrading your controller, adding weather sensing devices, turf moisture sensors, installing check valves on low draining heads and pressure regulating devices you can maximum water efficiency.

Aqua Pro is dedicated to intelligent water use. We recommend, install and service water-efficient irrigation components and systems. Water conservation is important to us.

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Examples of Water Saving Features that can be retrofitted to your existing system include:

  • Self-adjusting “smart” timer controllers that adjust themselves automatically to local weather conditions. By allowing watering only when truly needed, these controllers typically save 20-30% in water use.
  • Rain sensors that deactivate your system during periods of rainy weather
  • Higher-efficiency sprinkler heads that apply water precisely and at a rate that can be absorbed by the soil, reducing waste and run-off.

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