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Lake Pump Systems

Irrigation Pumping

Here at Aqua Pro Sprinklers we have been designing and servicing irrigation pumping systems since 1998.

There are many different types of pumps used to draw water for irrigation use; typically pumps are variable speed, centrifugal, jet and submersible.

We have also designed systems to draw water from creeks, ponds, lakes and shallow sand point wells.

Aqua Pro offers conversions for irrigation systems using municipal water by adding a pump and drawing water from a lake, pond or creek for your irrigation needs, resulting in a lowered or no water bill at all. That’s smart watering!

We can also design a dual source system that can pump from the lake on a regular basis with an option to use residential house water during a time when lake water is being chemically treated with herbicides to control lake weeds and is unsafe to use for irrigating your lawn.

Aqua Pro has taken additional training to become a licensed lake service provider, which is a DNR requirement. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to properly handle aquatic invasive species. It is important to us to prevent the spread of any species further and protect our most precious resource.

Invasive Species

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